Counseling is defined by the Italian professional association Assocounseling as “…a professional activity which aims to improve the quality of life of clients, supporting their strengths and abilities for self-determination.”

Often, people feel that if they have a problem they ought to be able to simply talk to their family or friends about it. But it’s not always that simple. Our family and friends are very involved with us, and at certain times, or with certain issues, it might be hardest to talk to those we are most involved with or hardest for those closest to us to be able to help. We might feel there is something we want to say but we don’t know how to say it or that if trying to talk goes wrong a lot is at stake. In counseling, nothing is at stake.

A counselor listens objectively and non-judgmentally, enabling you to talk uninhibitedly about whatever is on your mind. This can help to make better sense of situations and dilemmas that felt impossible, increasing self-esteem, awareness, understanding and improving your personal and professional relationships.