Wellbeing at Work

I am particularly interested in the role of our work on our wellbeing, and am focused on developing the provision of employee support to companies and organisations across Italy. Telephone and face-to-face support is available 24/7 and is provided by an international, multi-lingual team of psychologists, lawyers and social workers on either a contracted or ad-hoc basis. A wealth of research has been undertaken in this field, demonstrating that “…employee support can help improve performance through reduced absenteeism, greater productivity, fewer accidents, and less turnover among troubled employees. (Attridge 2003; Blum and Roman 1995).

Trauma/Critical Incidents

I work with organisations and their employees following sudden death, trauma, attacks, bank raids, workplace accidents, natural disasters etc and am regularly called on-site around the world to support those affected. I have thought carefully about the guidelines for trauma response drawn up by the ‘National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence’ (NICE) and the European Society For Traumatic Stress Studies (ESTSS). I seek to create interventions which reflect these guidelines whilst considering the needs of the individual, the workplace environment and those of the organisation.

Training & Consultancy

I regularly provide a range of training and consultancy initiatives to employees and managers addressing areas such as resilience, psychological first aid, wellbeing, stress management, mediation.

International Schools & Universities

I work with directors, faculty, students and parents in universities and international schools across Italy providing regular and ad-hoc interventions around issues such as Parenting, Communication, Bullying, Alcohol/Drugs Awareness, Cultural Diversity.